• Prevalence of and Differences in Salad Bar Implementation in Rural Versus Urban Arizona Schools

      Blumenschine, Michelle; The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix; Bruening, Meg (The University of Arizona., 2018-03-28)
      Purpose: To compare the prevalence of school-lunch salad bars in Arizona and differences in implementation by rural vs. urban setting. Background•Individuals in rural settings are increasingly at risk for health disparities and experience a disproportionate burden of chronic conditions. •Fruit and vegetable (F&V) is linked with lower risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. •Young people do not meet the recommended servings of F&V. •Salad bars are a recommended method to increase F&V intake, however there is limited evidence of their effectiveness. No studies exist that examine implementation of salad bars in urban versus rural environments.