• Data Security Architecture Considerations for Telemetry Post Processing Environments

      Kalibjian, Jeff; DXC Technology Company (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2017-10)
      Telemetry data has great value, as setting up a framework to collect and gather it involve significant costs. Further, the data itself has product diagnostic significance and may also have strategic national security importance if the product is defense or intelligence related. This potentially makes telemetry data a target for acquisition by hostile third parties. To mitigate this threat, data security principles should be employed by the organization to protect telemetry data. Data security is in an important element of a layered security strategy for the enterprise. The value proposition centers on the argument that if organization perimeter/internal defenses (e.g. firewall, IDS, etc.) fail enabling hostile entities to be able to access data found on internal company networks; they will be unable to read the data because it will be encrypted. After reviewing important encryption background including accepted practices, standards, and architectural considerations regarding disk, file, database and application data protection encryption strategies; specific data security options applicable to telemetry post processing environments will be discussed providing tangible approaches to better protect organization telemetry data.