Moazzami, Farzad; Astatke, Yacob; Kassa, Hailu B.; Morgan State University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2017-10)
      In this paper, an algorithm for distance aware energy efficient Base Stations (BSs) is proposed, which exploits the knowledge of the distance between the Mobile User (MUs) and the BS. The proposed algorithm changes the cell radius depending on user distribution in the cell. In this case adaptive (dynamically changing) concentric circles are virtually drawn so that the UEs in the same concentric circle can get constant power from the BS. It means that the mobile users(MUs) are clustered based on the distance from the BS. The energy consumption has been evaluated without sacrificing significant offered Quality of Service (QoS) on the cellular networks. The proposed scheme aids to achieve energy saving as a result of reduced transmit power based on reducing the radius of the concentric. As the radius reduces the transmit power is also reduced logarithmically. The system uses Omni directional antenna which covers all 360 degree of the cell at once. The simulation result shows that as the distance from the BS decreases, the transmission power decreases and the energy also decreases. The distance or the radius variation dynamically is based on the number of users in that track comparing to the minimum required number of threshold users. The result shows that an average of 0.1762 dB or 1.04 Watt which is 9.45% of the maximum transmit power can be saved by dynamically varying the base station the radius at the area of low traffic load for a single scan.