• Mobile Diagnostics for Personal Electrics Transportation Devices

      Prescott, Glenn; Gilchrist, Zachary A.; Univ Kansas, Electrical Engineering Design Laboratory (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2017-10)
      The ultimate purpose of this project was to improve on a new electric form of transportation. These methods of transportation have been gaining popularity for those who have relatively short commutes, and this project poises that group as the target audience. As a result of these trends and the practicality of small personal transportation, the design team made the purpose to attain usable real-world practicality and walking replacement ability. Other types of devices have been created before, however they usually have a short ride time and do not go much faster than the average walking speed. That being said, this design also uses telemetry to serve as a proof of concept that internal data can be sent to a receiver from a distant location. The end result was expected to be an enjoyable experience that gave a mobile diagnostics system.