Rubio, Pedro; Lopez, Rodrigo; Airbus D&S (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2017-10)
      The objective of this paper is to describe the tools that have been developed to ease the Flight Test Engineers (FTE) the execution of Flight Test and ensure the highest quality of the final product. This first product is mainly devoted to Production Flight Test (PATM), where the profile and the tests to be performed are almost the same for all flights. As during the PATM there are many checks to do and many data to gather, the idea was to execute in an automatic way as many test points as could be possible. To cope with this requirement we have to develop an Automatic Flight Phase Detection in order to start some applications in the FTE Computer without any human intervention. So, we need a smart assistant to predict the following test points that will be executed. In addition of the previous point, it was also needed to send the results of the data gathering and calculation to a “Digital Flight Test Card” to avoid the use of paper. With both aids, Automatic Flight Phase Detection and Digital Flight Test Card, the efficiency of the execution of tests has been highly improved.