• Modeling and Simulation with Numbers!

      Guadiana, Juan; Baird, James; Tackill, Curtiss; Telemetronics Inc.; Blue Origin LLC. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2017-10)
      Moore's Law predicts the trends in our technology very well and we have witnessed the relentless march of software solutions deep into the hardware domain. Link models are normally in the realm of scientific software packages like Mathematica, MatLab or Satellite Tool Kit. Here we apply Frii's Transmission equation to perform a link model with a common application like Numbers or Excel. Modeling a single link is easy and a staring antenna Array is modeled as many single links. Creating the model does require planning just as creating any software application does, but the "coding" is fairly straight forward. The results are stunning graphical plots. A simulation is created from the same spread sheet depicts the array's Graphics User Interface (GUI). Very low cost, an excellent way for students to learn to model and simulate their systems. The work serves as a good prototype to experiment with before investing in expensive software or software development. Spreadsheets do break easily so plan to back up your sheets periodically.