These projects were made possible by a grant from the NSF Grant #1453742. The research focused on the morphosyntactic process of initial consonant mutations (ICM) in Welsh. Experiments were conducted through a number of methodologies reflecting the expertise of the investigators involved.

The collections consist of the research data synthesized and collected during the course of these experiments on Welsh ICM; it includes sound files, anonymized results, and instructions so that replications of these experiments is possible.

Principal investigator: Mike Hammond

Co-investigators: Diana Archangeli, Heddwen Brooks, Andrew Carnie, Diana Ohala, Adam Ussishkin, Peredur Webb-Davies, Andy Wedel

Research assistants: Elise Bell, Skye Anderson, Kerry McCullough, Sara Hughes, Nia Mererid Parry.


Contact Mike Hammond, hammond@email.arizona.edu, for more information about these collections.

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