Fansler, Aaron; Ampex Intelligent Systems (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2018-11)
      This paper reviews at a high level Ampex’s Black Lightning capability. The Black Lightning capability tool was developed to be the first cyber defensive tool specifically designed to work at the field device component level of a Control System (CS). BLACK LIGHTNING is a passive, real-time monitoring and detection tool designed and built specifically for control systems professionals. The BLACK LIGHTNING capability uses a patent pending detection algorithm, which scans SCADA specific protocols for any anomalous activity within the customer defined component thresholds. In doing this BLACK LIGHTNING is able to alerting operators of any abnormal activity for further investigation faster than anything currently on the market. One can look at the internals of an aircraft as multiple layers of control systems working together. As defined, “A control system is a collection of mechanical and electrical equipment that allows an aircraft to be flown with exceptional precision and reliability”. An aircraft has many control systems. These systems consist of fuel, heat, speed, altitude, hydraulics, navigation, communications, sensors, actuators, servos, multiple computers just to name a few as examples. At Ampex, we view a control system as what it is, a control system. The process(es) above that the control system(s) is transparent to us. If you protect the system and subsystems below the process then by default you will protect the process above regardless if it’s an industrial power plant, nuclear power plant, water facility, manufacturing plant or an aircraft. At Ampex we protect the process by monitoring and protecting the systems below.