Hightower, Paul; Instrumentation Technology Systems (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2018-11)
      Each 1080 video frame requires 6.2 MB of storage; archiving a one minute clip requires 22GB. Playing a 1080p/60 video requires sustained rates of 400 MB/S. These storage and transport parameters pose major technical and cost hurdles. Even the latest technologies would only support one channel of such video. Content creators needed a solution to these road blocks to enable them to deliver video to viewers and monetize efforts. Over the past 30 years a pyramid of techniques have been developed to provide ever increasing compression efficiency. These techniques make it possible to deliver movies on Blu-ray disks, over Wi-Fi and Ethernet. However, there are tradeoffs. Compression introduces latency, image errors and resolution loss. The exact effect may be different from image to image. BER may result the total loss of strings of frames. We will explore these effects and how they impact test quality and reduce the benefits that HD cameras/lenses bring telemetry.