• CFO Estimation by Exploiting Channel Sparsity in Aeronautical Telemetry

      Afran, Shah; Saquib, Mohammad; Rice, Michael; The University of Texas at Dallas; Brigham Young University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2018-11)
      In this paper, we explore a carrier frequency offset (CFO) estimation scheme with sparsity-constraint (SC) on the aeronautical telemetry channels. This SC CFO estimator is implemented in two steps. In the first step, channel support is recovered by combining compressed sensing techniques with the CFO estimate based on the non-sparsity constraint (NSC) on the channel. Next we use the estimated channel support to derive the SC CFO estimator. Simulations are performed to compare the performance of the SC CFO estimator against the existing NSC CFO estimators using shaped offset QPSK version TG (SOQPSK-TG) modulated iNET-formatted data over an aeronautical test channel.