• Telemetry Range Support Aircraft (TRSA) Program: Providing the Navy with Next Generation TM and Range Support

      Roudebush, J. Kyle; Hernandez, Jose; Kujiraoka, Scott; Sanchez, Kenneth; Smith, Tauri; Pace, Michael; NAVAIR-Point Mugu; Raytheon Albuquerque (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2018-11)
      In November 2017, a contract was awarded to Raytheon Missile Systems to develop a new advanced telemetry system for the U.S. Navy’s Range Support Aircraft. Based within the Gulfstream 550 airborne early warning airframe, Raytheon’s modern solution will offer multirole capabilities in telemetry data collection and re-transmit, range surveillance and clearance, flight termination, and communications relay. This paper will detail the current status of the integration of these systems into the airplane, along with the one major developmental system called CBITS (Commercial Based Instrumentation Telemetry System).