• Possible Impacts of the Expected Shift from Cow-Calf to Cow-Yearling Enterprises

      Abdalla, S. H.; Workman, J. P. (Society for Range Management, 1979-05-01)
      Retention of weaner calves to be marketed as yearlings directly from range has been recently suggested as a possible means for the cow-calf operator to cope with the depressed calf market. Although it has been widely recognized that such an adjustment would decrease cow herd carrying capacity and reduce total beef production from range states, these impacts have not been quantified. The purpose of our study was to trace the impacts of shifting from the typical cow-calf operation to a cow-yearling enterprise, using two representative sizes of Utah cattle ranches as examples. Results are reported in terms of reduction in brood cow herd required to accommodate a larger yearling herd, projected impacts on total beef production in Utah, the 11 western states, and the nation, and possible effects on national consumer beef prices.