• Total Nonstructural Carbohydrate Trends in Bluebunch Wheatgrass Related to Growth and Phenology

      Daer, T.; Willard, E. E. (Society for Range Management, 1981-09-01)
      Total nonstructural carbohydrates (TNC) levels in the roots and root crowns of bluebunch wheatgrass (Agropyron spicatum) were analyzed throughout the 1974 growing season. Reserves in root crowns were consistently higher than those in roots, except for the November sample when reserves were similar. The low point in TNC reserves occurred during rapid spring growth when 29% of the vegetative growth was completed and the average leaf length was 13 cm. Highest levels were attained in the late boot stage when average leaf length was 30 cm and 67% of current vegetative growth was completed.