• Guide a Range Curriculum with an Educational Needs Assessment

      Norton, B. E.; Eastmond, J. N. (Society for Range Management, 1981-11-01)
      This study, undertaken as a cooperative effort between the Utah State University Range Science Department and the Instructional Development office, surveyed 138 alumni of the department to assist in the identification of needs for curriculum improvement. Strong support for the following educational concerns was evident: (1) a practical and pragmatic emphasis in the curriculum, including focus upon political and economic aspects of range management; (2) an emphasis upon communication skills, particularly oral communication, and dealing with "people problems"; (3) a field component to complement the classroom wherever possible. Findings from the study have led to the revision of two courses, the beginning of two others, and have endorsed a core course on land management policy recently introduced into the College of Natural Resources. The results of the survey have assisted curriculum development in the Range Science Department at Utah State University and may prove helpful for other educators in the field.