• Sulfur or Sulfur Plus Nitrogen Increases Beef Production on California Annual Range

      Wolters, G. L.; Eberlein, G. P. (Society for Range Management, 1986-03-01)
      A 6-year study was conducted to evaluate the response of California annual range to triennial applications of sulfur only and sulfur plus nitrogen fertilizer. Range response was evaluated in terms of length of the green season, steer weight gain, total beef production and steer days of grazing/ha. Neither fertilization treatment consistently lengthened the green season nor influenced steer weight gain compared to nonfertilized range. Steer days of grazing and total beef production/ha were greatest on sulfur plus nitrogen-treated range, intermediate on sulfur only-fertilized range and least on nonfertilized range. Sulfur only-fertilized range increased beef production about 60 kg/ha compared to nonfertilized range, and range fertilized with sulfur plus nitrogen increased beef production nearly 50 kg/ha more than sulfur only-fertilized range.