• Usable Science for Managing Animals and Rangeland Sustainability

      Meiman, Paul J.; Tolleson, Doug R.; Johnson, Theodora; Echols, Alex; Price, Frank; Stackhouse-Lawson, Kim (Society for Range Management, 2016-12-01)
      On the Ground: • Animals are critical components of rangeland ecosystems, and domestic livestock provide an extremely important management tool on rangelands. • Decades of research have yielded much valuable information to support sustainable and effective grazing management, but increased complexity resulting in part from expanding environmental, economic, and societal pressures demands future investments in usable science focused on rangeland animals. • Three priorities for usable science are recommended: • Proactive drought planning • Better matching livestock production systems to rangeland resources • Comprehensive synthesis of and effective communication concerning environmental impacts (positive, negative, and neutral) of livestock on rangelands.