• Mapping the Potential for Hay Making in Rangelands: A Methodological Proposition

      Makuma-Massa, H.; Bemigisha, J.; Kyasimire, B.; Nyiramahoro, E.; Begumana, J.; Mugerwa, S.; Egeru, A.; Cho, M. (Society for Range Management, 2017-10)
      We present information useful to various stakeholders, including land managers, agency personnel, practitioners, and researchers, as it presents methodology for ○ Determining the best period for hay harvest corresponding to peak productivity of the vegetation in rangelands;○ Estimating the amount of hay available (biomass) at peak productivity, using commonly available satellite imagery; and○ Highlighting the best areas for hay production based on grassland availability. All of this is done by employing the readily available tools of remote sensing and geographical information system. © 2017 The Society for Range Management