• Fluoride in Thermal Spring Water and in Plants of Nevada and Its Relationship to Fluorosis in Animals

      Kubota, J.; Naphan, E. A.; Oberly, G. H. (Society for Range Management, 1982-03-01)
      Fluoride concentrations in water from selected thermal springs and in plants were determined to evaluate their role as sources of F- for grazing animals in Nevada. The F- concentration in water varied with thermal spring sources and ranged from about 2 to 17 ppm. F- concentration in plants ranged from about 0.1 to over 220 ppm, depending upon species of plants and the soil on which the plants were grown. The F- concentration in plants from any given thermal spring location was not uniformly high, but together with F- concentration of the water, appears to contribute to possible cases of fluorosis in cattle. Although small area-wise the spring waters and the area they flow over are important to grazing animals, because they provide drinking water and have lush forage.