• Following the Footsteps of the Mongol Queens: Why Mongolian Pastoral Women Should Be Empowered

      Ulambayar, Tungalag; Fernández-Giménez, María E. (Society for Range Management, 2013-12-02)
      On the Ground • Mongolian pastoral women have essential roles as caregivers to their families, keeping their household members well fed, adequately dressed, and clean. However, when they are forced to lead their households alone, female-led families are more vulnerable because of limited assets and restricted access to information and knowledge exchange. • When women are entrusted with leadership of their communities, they demonstrate equal leadership qualities, reputation, and governance processes over rangeland management with their male counterparts. • Women leaders display superior trust building among their community members when compared with the men. • We recommend empowering women by increasing their leadership roles in formal community organizations.