• Andean Pastoral Women in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges

      Valdivia, Corinne; Gilles, Jere L.; Turin, Cecilia (Society for Range Management, 2013-12-02)
      On the Ground • The high Andes of South America include rangelands where pure pastoralists herd llama and alpaca and agropastoralists produce tubers, grains, sheep, and cattle. • Women of the Aymara ethnic group live in both pastoral and agro-pastoral systems and have traditionally been responsible for many aspects of crop and livestock management. They also have ownership rights for land and most types of animals. • The Aymara have adapted to large political and economic changes. Leadership profiles for women are increasing as rural communities diversify, men migrate in search of work, and females gain access to formal education. • The way forward is to continue to engage Aymara women in ways that encourage their participation in development processes, yet minimize additional, work-related burdens.