• Early Seedling Growth of Italian Ryegrass and Smilo as Affected by Nutrition

      Ayeke, C. A.; McKell, C. M. (Society for Range Management, 1969-01-01)
      The effect of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on the seedling vigor of two important but dissimilar grass species, Lolium multiflorum and Oryzopsis miliacea is reported. There was significant reduction in seedling growth at high concentrations of NH4NO3 + NH4H2PO4 but with NH4 NO3 alone the high concentrations neither increased nor decreased seedling growth. Nitrogen uptake of seedlings increased as the level of nitrogen increased. Rapid depletion of endosperm starch and low concentrations of total sugars and reducing sugars in seedlings were associated with the high levels of nitrogen fertilization.