• Relationship Between Carbohydrate, Nitrogen Contents, and Regrowth of Tall Fescue Tillers

      Bahrani, J.; Beaty, E. R.; Tan, K. H. (Society for Range Management, 1983-03-01)
      Nitrogen and water-soluble carbohydrate contents of Kentucky 31 tall fescue (Festuca arundinaceae Schreb) tillers were determined on a regrowth following clipping to a 2.5-cm stubble. There was a sharp decline in water-soluble carbohydrates of tillers as a result of clipping and N fertilization. Dry matter N content increased during the same time. The reduced carbohydrate content for clipped tillers lasted for some 10 days following clipping. After the initial decrease, water-soluble carbohydrate content in tillers increased for the next 80 days. The negative correlation between tiller N and carbonydrate content suggested that initial tiller regrowth was obtained partially from carbohydrate reserves in addition to current photosynthate production. N application immediately following clipping is at a time of low carbohydrate content and could well cause stand reduction.