• 14C Levels in Tree Rings Located near Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, China

      Wang, Zhongtang; Xiang, Yuanyi; Guo, Qiuju (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2012-08-17)
      Specific activities of radiocarbon in annual tree rings corresponding to 1980–2009 are reported for a pine tree located 2 km from the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (Qinshan NPP), China. While a negligible enhanced 14C activity due to operation of the Qinshan NPP Plant I is evident, a relative increase (1.8–62.6 Bq/kg C) was observed in the specific activity after operation of the Qinshan NPP Plant II in 2002 and Plant III in 2003. The enhanced values were primarily affected by the 14C discharged from Plant III (CANDU-type reactor), and a good correlation was found between the 14C discharged from Plant III in the growing season and the 14C excess value. The excess 14C activities peaked in 2005 (at 302.0 Bq/kg C, which is 62.6 Bq/kg C above the “clean air” 14C level), and then declined due to the improvement in 14C discharge management of Plant III. In 2009, the 14C-specific activity was near the background level.