• Re-Examining Anomalous Early Dates of Settlement in Leeward Hawai‘i Island

      Carson, Mike T. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2012-05-04)
      Anomalous dates prior to 1000 yr BP have been reported for near-surface site deposits at Puapua‘a in the dry and rocky zone of leeward (west) Hawai‘i Island, compared to archipelago-wide earliest cultural layers generally in buried contexts 1000–800 yr BP. Redating and closer examination cannot validate these early dates in cultural association. In the thin sedimentary deposits, preserved cultural materials mostly postdate 600–400 yr BP, but some older materials were incorporated into the layer matrix. The results suggest a much shorter extant chronology of human settlement of this particular zone, whereas earliest sites most likely are preserved in different settings of the Hawaiian Islands.