• Chronology of the Danish Bronze Age Based on 14C Dating of Cremated Bone Remains

      Olsen, Jesper; Hornstrup, Karen Margrethe; Heinemeier, Jan; Bennike, Pia; Thrane, Henrik (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2011-01-01)
      The relative Bronze Age chronology for Scandinavia was established as early as 1885. It is traditionally divided into 6 periods (I-VI). Earlier attempts to make an absolute Bronze Age chronology for southern Scandinavia were derived from burials and settlements and were mainly based on radiocarbon-dated charcoal or carbonized cereals, often with undefined archaeological periods. Here, we present high-precision 14C dating on burials with well-defined associated archaeological periods in order to improve the absolute chronology of the Danish Bronze Age. Our results are in broad agreement with the traditional absolute chronology of the Danish Bronze Age. However, our results do indicate that the onset of period III likely occurred earlier than previously thought.