• Chronological Distribution of Brazilian Glyptodon sp. Remains: A Direct 14C Date for a Specimen from Iporanga, São Paulo, Brazil

      Hubbe, Alex; Vasconcelos, Andre G.; Vilaboim, Luciano; Karmann, Ivo; Neves, Walter (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2011-01-01)
      Glyptodon sp. fossil remains can be found throughout Brazil. However, little information is available about their chronological distribution. With the intention to contribute to this issue, we present, as far as we know, the first direct radiocarbon date for 1 specimen of this genus found in Brazil. The osteoderm MZSP-PV660 found in Abismo do Fóssil Cave (SP-145), Iporanga, São Paulo, Brazil, was dated by accelerator mass spectrometry at the Beta Analytic Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory. The 14C date obtained was between 20,680 and 21,370 calibrated years before the present. Unfortunately, the scant (and often imprecise or unreliable) chronological data regarding this species and genus in Brazil and elsewhere in South America precludes a robust comparison among the dates available and the one presented here. Nevertheless, our finding supports the existence of this genus in South America at least until the Last Glacial Maximum.