• Extension of the Southern Hemisphere Atmospheric Radiocarbon Curve, 2120-850 Years BP: Results from Tasmanian Huon Pine

      Zimmerman, Susan; Guilderson, Thomas; Buckley, Brendan; Cook, Edward (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2010-01-01)
      Decadal samples of dendrochronologically dated pine (Lagorostrobos franklinii) from the Stanley River basin, Tasmania, have been radiocarbon dated between 2120-850 yr BP. This data set overlaps and extends the current Southern Hemisphere record, which covers the period 110-995 yr BP. There is good agreement between the 2 records between 995-850 yr BP, between sample replicates and with consensus values for standards. As in the younger data set, we find evidence for a distinct but variable offset between the Southern Hemisphere data and IntCal04; although this is likely due to real temporal variability in the interhemispheric offset, further work is planned to rule out possible laboratory or sample preparation differences.