• A Radiocarbon Age Calculation Program for Windows

      Gallagher, D.; McGee, E. J.; Mitchell, P. I. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2002-01-01)
      The management of counting files, the calculation of radiocarbon age, and the creation and maintenance of databases for storage and retrieval of laboratory data are time-consuming and exacting tasks. These routine functions are essential to the successful operation of all 14C dating laboratories. However, since the number of 14C dating laboratories worldwide is rather limited, it is unlikely that a commercial software company will produce a program for use in 14C age calculation and associated data management. We have therefore developed Windows based software to meet some of these needs. The program described here offers a user-friendly interface to assist with: Execution of age and error calculations; Reducing the possibility of human error during the lengthy age calculation procedure; Developing a single entry system that simultaneously runs dating algorithms and compiles a database of all samples processed by a laboratory. We now make the program and the program code available to the 14C dating community. We hope that this program will be a useful tool in routine laboratory operation and can be further developed in the future.