• The Site of Verrebroek 'Dok' and its Contribution to the Absolute Dating of the Mesolithic in the Low Countries

      Van Strydonck, Mark J. Y.; Crombé, Philippe; Maes, Ann (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2001-01-01)
      The wetland site of Verrebroek “Dok” situated in northern Belgium is one of the largest and best dated locations of Mesolithic material in northwestern Europe. Salvage excavations organized since 1992 at this large, unstratified open-air settlement have revealed more than 50 spatially independent artifact concentrations with traces of numerous fireplaces. Single entity dating of charred hazelnut shells from surface-hearths and charcoal from hearth-pits was used to obtain information not only on the sites duration, but also on the relation between the surface hearths and the hearth-pits. The dates were also used to look at discrepancies between the radiocarbon chronology and the typo-chronology of the lithic artifacts.