• Radiocarbon Studies of Peat Bogs: An Investigation of South Kamchatka Volcanoes and Upper Volga Archaeological Sites

      Zaretskaia, N. E.; Ponomareva, V. V.; Sulerzhitsky, L. D.; Zhilin, M. G. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2001-01-01)
      We have undertaken extensive programs of natural radiocarbon measurement to date the evidence for various events buried in peat bogs. Two case studies are described here: 1) the chronological reconstruction of South Kamchatka volcanic eruptions and, 2) investigation of multi-layered archeological sites in the Upper Volga River Basin. Studies of sample composition and peat taphonomy allowed us to determine the source of 14C age deviations and to reconstruct the environmental history of organic matter accumulation. Data sets, obtained from different types of peat bog and containing traces of these Holocene events, are discussed.