• Data Analysis and Calibration of Radiocarbon Dating Results from the Cemetery of the Marquises of Jin

      Lu, Xiangyang; Guo, Zhiyu; Ma, Hongji; Yuan, Sixun; Wu, Xiaohong (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 2001-01-01)
      The chronology study of the cemetery of Marquises of Jin is valuable to improving the chronological table of Marquis of Jin family. It is also helpful for improving the chronological table of the Zhou Dynasty. The samples were measured at Peking University (PKUAMS). We also made an interlaboratory check with Isotrace to ensure the accuracy. By careful analysis of archaeological information, we built different models and calibrated by OxCal. The calibration results, both sampling contexts and estimations, are in very good agreement with the historical record. Because the dates of some events correspond to the special part of the curve, the calibration gets very high precision. The calibration result of tomb M93 suggests that its host is Marquis Shangshu instead of Marquis Wen.