• The Erlangen AMS Facility and Its Applications in 14C Sediment and Bone Dating

      Kretschmer, W.; Anton, G.; Benz, M.; Blasche, S.; Erler, G.; Finckh, E.; Fischer, L.; Kerscher, H.; Kotva, A.; Klein, M.; et al. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 1998-01-01)
      We report here on the radiocarbon dating of sediment samples from Bavaria using the Erlangen accelerator mass spectrometry facility. The absolute time calibration of different sediment profiles, together with pollen analyses, should establish a better chronology of climate and vegetation during Holocene in Bavaria. For an enhanced reliability of sediment dating, we measured different fractions such as bulk sediments, pollen grains, macrofossils and humic acids. For these fraction, we describe the separation methods and conversion to sputter targets. Furthermore, we discuss the sample preparation for the dating of bones and present some results.