• Radiocarbon in Tropospheric CO2 and Organic Materials from Selected Northern Hemisphere Sites

      Druffel, Ellen R. M.; Griffin, Sheila (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 1995-01-01)
      Radiocarbon was measured in atmospheric CO2 from La Jolla, California and in living organic materials from six sites in the northern hemisphere. Atmospheric CO2 Delta-14C values from La Jolla agreed with those previously published records from China Lake, California (Berger et al.1987) and Vermunt, Austria (Levin et al.1985). Delta-14C values of fruit and grain samples that grew during 1980 agreed with the atmospheric CO2 Delta-14Cmeasurements. Most of the Delta-14C results of fruit and corn samples stored since the 1940s agreed with tree-ring Delta-14C values for the same time period. In general, agreement was found between the atmospheric CO2 or tree-ring Delta-14C records available for the Northern Hemisphere and the Delta-14C signatures of rapidly exchanging organic matter pools examined in this study. Exceptions were the Delta-14C values of carbonate from egg shells and that of organic carbon from egg insides, which demonstrate that bicarbonate and organic carbon within the egg follow different biochemical pathways.