• Reconstruction of Caspian Sea-Level Fluctuations: Radiocarbon Dating Coastal and Bottom Deposits

      Karpytchev, Yu A. (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 1993-01-01)
      Owing to the large basin area of the Caspian Sea, fluctuations in its level reflect climatic changes in the northern hemisphere. To reconstruct these fluctuations, I collected mollusk shells, plant debris, carbonates and organic matter samples for 14C dating from deposits of ancient salt marshes, depressions and bars formed during significant sea-level decline. I studied the impact of eolian sedimentation via parallel dating of carbonates and other materials. The data demonstrate that sea level rises during periods of cooling and falls during warming periods; this is true for both long-term (2-2.5 ka) and short-term climatic changes.