• Study of Background Pulse Spectrum of an LSC System

      Einarsson, Sigurđur A.; Theodórsson, Páll (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 1989-01-01)
      Important advances have been made in reducing the background counting rate of gas proportional counters for 14C dating through detailed and systematic study of the background components. Until recently, limited work has been reported on the study of the background of liquid scintillation counters (LSC). During the last few years, commercial systems with greatly reduced background have been introduced. It is shown that the best gas proportional counters and LSC have similar backgrounds for the same amount of sample material. Similar results with less effort may be expected with more detailed and fundamental knowledge of the components of the background of LSC. We report the results of a study of one photomultiplier LSC system where we research all parameters of importance: light collection efficiency, absorbed energy per photo-electron, pulse height spectrum and background counting rate.