• A Counter System for High-Precision 14C Dating

      Hertelendi, Ede; Csongor, Éva; Zaborszky, Laszlo; Molnar, Jozef; Gal, Janos; Györffi, Miklos; Nagy, Sandor (Department of Geosciences, The University of Arizona, 1989-01-01)
      A multicounter radiocarbon dating system was developed applying the experiences of the previous one-channel low-level counting facility. The counter system consists of nine electrolytic copper proportional counters of identical diameters with sensitive volumes of 0.35-0.7dm3 and filled with either methane at high pressure (6 bar) or CO2 at 1 bar. The inner counters are surrounded by an anticoincidence shield consisting of five multiwire proportional flat counters filled with propane. The pulses of the detectors are handled by integrated amplifiers, discriminators and anticoincidence units interfaced to a microprocessor-controlled data evaluation unit. Software is written in BASIC using ASSEMBLER sub-routines. The overall precision of the system for modern carbon samples using high-pressure methane-filled counters (B is approximately equal to 0.7 cpm, S is approximately equal to 14 cpm) is better than 4 per mil after a counting period of seven days.