• Small Sample 14C Dating by Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry

      Polach, Henry; Kaihola, Lauri; Robertson, Steve; Haas, Herbert (American Journal of Science, 1988-01-01)
      Small sample 14C dating is tested using conventional as well as high-resolution low-level liquid scintillation (LS) spectrometers. Contrasted are the results obtained dating -.25, 125 and 250mg of elemental carbon in standard size counting vials (3mL) and 0.3mL teflon and quartz vials. It is demonstrated that the improved performance of the 0.3mL counting vials enables just adequate resolution of 25mg and very good resolution of 100mg carbon samples both at Modern and Old age limits when the determination is made in a highresolution low-level LS spectrometer.