• Growth Rates of Natural Amazonian Forest Trees Based on Radiocarbon Measurements

      Mozeto, A. A.; Fritz, Peter; Moreira, M. Z.; Vetter, E.; Aravena, Ramon; Salati, Eneas; Drimmie, R. J. (American Journal of Science, 1988-01-01)
      Evergreen trees in the tropical rain forest of the Amazonas Basin can produce growth rings which are not necessarily related to annual events. Therefore, estimation of growth rate cannot be done by dendrochronology. This report presents a technique for determining the growth rate of these trees based on radiocarbon measurements of two segments of equal radial distance from the outer part of the tree trunk. The measured 14C activity is compared to local 14C fallout and growth rates are derived from models taking into account bomb 14C effects. Eleven trees from various parts of the Amazon Basin were analyzed. The average growth rates range from ca 5 to > 40 yr per centimeter corresponding to extrapolated ages from ca 60 to > 400 yr.