• Radiocarbon Activity Variation in Dated Tree Rings Grown in Mackenzie Delta

      Fan, C. Y.; Tie-Mei, Chen; Si-Xun, Y.; Kai-Mei, Dai (American Journal of Science, 1986-01-01)
      We measured the Delta-14C values in 57 rings (from AD 1824 to 1880) of a white spruce grown in Mackenzie Delta (68 degrees N, 130 degrees W), as part of our continuing study of the Delta-14C variation related to solar activities. The values exhibit a 10 per mil fluctuation with an 11-year periodicity anti-correlated with the solar activity cycle. We also measured the Delta-14C values in 6 rings (from AD 1940 to 1945). The abnormally high value in the 1943 ring may be due to two large solar flares occurring in 1942.
    • Radiocarbon Dating Blood Residues on Prehistoric Stone Tools

      Nelson, D. E.; Loy, T. H.; Vogel, J. S.; Southon, J. R. (American Journal of Science, 1986-01-01)
      We report here the first radiocarbon dating of blood residues on prehistoric stone tools. The residues found on two stone artifacts were subjected to various exploratory biochemical techniques to identify the species from which they were derived and to separate a suitable sample for dating by accelerator mass spectrometry. Although these techniques need much further development and detailed testing, the ages obtained in this first study were consistent with other data, indicating that the concept is viable. For the first time, the time of use of stone tools has been found directly, rather than by stratigraphic or other archaeologic inferential techniques.