• Accelerator Mass Spectrometry with Fully Stripped 36Cl Ions

      Haberstock, Günther; Heinzl, Johann; Korschinek, Gunther; Morinaga, Haruhiko; Nolte, Eckehart; Ratzinger, Ulrich; Kato, Kazuo; Wolf, Manfred (American Journal of Science, 1986-01-01)
      A description of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) measurements with the long-lived radioisotope 36Cl is given. All measurements were made at the Munich tandem accelerator laboratory. Results are presented for 36Cl measurements in ground waters, in the meteorite Bjurböle, in ice-core samples of the Vernagtferner, Austria, and in granite samples from Hiroshima, Japan, irradiated by the atomic bomb explosion in 1945.
    • The Chemical Preparation of AgCl for Measuring 36Cl in Polar Ice with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

      Conard, N. J.; Elmore, David; Kubik, P. W.; Gove, H. E.; Tubbs, L. E.; Chrunyk, B. A.; Wahlen, Martin (American Journal of Science, 1986-01-01)
      A method of chemical separation and purification of chloride from relatively small samples (500 to 2100g) of glacial ice is presented. With this procedure the first successful measurements of pre-bomb levels of 36Cl in Greenland ice have been made. Emphasis is placed on methods of reducing sulfur, which causes interference in the accelerator mass spectrometry, and in maximizing the yield. Data regarding the selection of materials for sample holders and the use of metal powders for extending the lifetime of the sample are also presented.