• Using dBASE II for Retrieval of Radiocarbon Data

      Selsing, Lotte; Simonsen, Aud (American Journal of Science, 1986-01-01)
      A "C14" data base has been created for internal use of 14C dates with an Osborne-1 system. It uses a CP/M operating system, Z-80 CPU, and dBASE II software program. The structure meets the users' requirements of information and easy retrieval. The video display is quite compact, as a record of 32 fields is edited to fill a screen of 22 lines. A standard printout is edited to make room for two records per page and contains all information from these records. Searching may take place in all fields or parts of fields, in interval(s) in one or more fields and in various combinations of the prescribed methods of searching. A field called KEYWORDS is established to ease search operations. "C14" may be adapted to individual requirements and equipment with small adjustments