• Consensus delta-13C Values

      Burleigh, Richard; Matthews, Keith; Leese, Morven (American Journal of Science, 1984-01-01)
      Selected stable carbon isotope measurements published in Radiocarbon over a 12-year period have been abstracted, plotted, and summarized, to give more reliable estimates of the mean value and range of delta-13C for five classes of natural material (human bone collagen, non-human animal bone collagen, plant materials, wood, and charcoal), and to provide a firmer base line for stable carbon isotope dietary and environmental studies.
    • Geological Survey of Japan Radiocarbon Dates I

      Togashi, Shigeko; Matsumoto, Eiji (American Journal of Science, 1984-01-01)
    • La Jolla Natural Radiocarbon Measurements X

      Linick, T. W. (American Journal of Science, 1984-01-01)
    • Museo de la Plata Radiocarbon Measurements I

      Figini, Anibal; Gomez, Gabriel; Carbonari, Jorge; Huarte, Roberto; Zubiaga, Alicia (American Journal of Science, 1984-01-01)
    • Selective Leaching of Shells for 14C Dating

      Vita-Finzi, Claudio; Roberts, Neil (American Journal of Science, 1984-01-01)
      Although acid leaching of shell carbonates prior to 14C assay is usually desirable, under some circumstances it can worsen contamination by preferentially solving unaltered shell and thus increasing the proportion of secondary carbonate. The risk can be eliminated by monitoring the progress of leaching with the help of microscopy and x-ray diffraction.