• Carbon Exchange Between Atmosphere and Oceans in a Latitude-Dependent Advection-Diffusion Model

      Kratz, Gerhard; Kohlmaier, G. H.; Siré, E. O.; Fischbach, Ursula; Broehl, Horst (American Journal of Science, 1983-01-01)
      Marine transport of inorganic and organic carbon is simulated by means of a computer model in which the oceans are divided into a high and low latitude region. Water transport (and with it carbon transport) is reproduced 1) as downwelling of surface waters at low latitudes, and 2) in general, as different depth-dependent turbulent diffusion in both deep-sea regions. The model is calibrated with pre-bomb 14C and validated against perturbations of total carbon, 13C/C- and 14C/C-ratios; it is compatible with carbon release from fossil fuels and from biogenic sources.