• A Multiple Proportional 14C Counter System for Milligram-Sized Samples

      Hut, Gert; Keyser, Jan; Wijma, Stef (American Journal of Science, 1983-01-01)
      A system of 10 proportional 14C counters has been designed. The counters have a volume of 35ml and are operated with CO2 at a pressure of 1 bar and a voltage of 3300V. The amplified signals of the counters are fed through an analog multiplexer to the inputs of three discriminators. The Geiger signal is fed to a separate discriminator. A logic circuit selects from these discriminators the alpha, beta, muon, and purity counts which are then stored in a microcomputer (ITT 2020 with 48K RAM), where the necessary calculations are also performed. The purity of the gas sample is monitored by counting a part of the muon spectrum. The alpha and beta pulses are stored during 95% of the measuring period; the remaining 5% is used for registration of the muon and purity pulses. The overall accuracy of the system for modern carbon samples is 2% after a counting period of 6 days.