• Studies on Holocene Geochronology of the Coastal Region of Southern Fujian, China

      Chenghui, Chen; Huang, Baolin; Mingliang, Wang (American Journal of Science, 1983-01-01)
      Our studies on 14C chronology and palynology of Holocene sediments in southern Fujian along the western coast of the Taiwan Straits show that the natural environment has undergone three stages of development during the Holocene. From Early Holocene (ca 10,000–8000 yr ago) to Middle Holocene (8000–2500 yr ago) and then to Late Holocene (2500 yr ago), sediments varied from land-sea transitional to marine and then to terrigenous; vegetation altered from mixed forest to evergreen broad-leaf forest and then steppe; climate fluctuated from temperate to hot and then to warm. The sea-level maximum in the post-glacial period occurred at 5000–6000 yr ago, at 5 to 10m elevation. During the subsequent regression, two stable stages of sea-level dated at >3000 and ca 2000 yr ago. The climatic drying and eolian sand deposit began at 700 yr ago. The results agree with our previous studies in southern Liaoning.