• Radiocarbon Dating with Tandem Electrostatic Accelerators

      Gove, N. E.; Elmore, David; Ferraro, R. D.; Beukens, R. P.; Chang, K. H.; Kilius, L. R.; Lee, H. W.; Litherland, A. E.; Purser, K. H.; Rubin, Meyer (American Journal of Science, 1980-01-01)
      An MP tandem Van de Graaff accelerator at the University of Rochester has been employed since May 1977 to detect 14C in various terrestrial samples. The carbon sample sizes required are lmg or less. Dating accuracies based on reproducibility now approach (+/- 80 years). Measurements have been made on 1850 wood, Australian sucrose, a carbon sample from Mt Shasta, a baby woolly mammoth, and an Egyptian bull mummy wrapping.