• Isotopic Fractionation of Norwegian Materials for Radiocarbon Dating

      Gulliksen, Steinar (American Journal of Science, 1980-01-01)
      To improve reporting of radiocarbon dates, Stuiver and Polach (1977) recommend that reported standard errors should include the error in the applied delta-13C value, and suggest estimated mean values for delta-13C to be applied when not measured. Based on delta-13C data for ca 250 samples measured during 1975-1979, mean values for different materials dated by the Trondheim radiocarbon laboratory have been compiled. All material is from Norway and Svalbard (marine bone collagen). For peat, gyttja, and terrestrial bone material, delta-13C should be measured to obtain optimal precision in the dates. For shell, wood, charcoal, and marine bones, the standard error in an estimated delta-13C value will only increase uncertainty of a date from +/- 50 years to ca +/- 55 years.