• MACS: An Accelerator-Based Radioisotope Measuring System

      Purser, Kenneth H.; Liebert, Reuel B.; Russo, Carl J. (American Journal of Science, 1980-01-01)
      A description is given of an accelerator-based radioisotope measuring system, being supplied to the Universities of Arizona and Toronto and in part to the University of Oxford. This system will be capable of measuring 14C/12C and 14C/12C ratios in milligram samples of cracked acetylene. At present 200 micrograms of carbon obtained from cracked acetylene appears to be adequate for an isotopic ratio determination. Previous performance and new calculations indicate that a precision better than 1 percent will be achieved in a half-hour period only limited by counting statistics. A precision of 0.2 percent will be obtained in a ten-hour period. Using a carbon sample with an age greater than 60,000 years, the measured background 14C/12C ratio will be less than 0.07 percent of modern.