Rotundo, Alfred; US Army - Army Futures Command; CCDC - Armament Center - Precision Munition Instrumentation Division (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2019-10)
      Developed an on-board-recorder (OBR) to capture both in-bore acceleration and in-flight canister expulsion forces for an artillery projectile. The instrumentation recorded on the OBR was fed into a model to simulate these forces. The OBR’s space claim was limited to the expulsion cavity of the artillery projectile. The OBR was equipped with an analog sensor suite that recorded battery, expulsion pressure, high-g in-bore axial accelerometer data, and radial spin data. Utilizing 8 channels of the ADC on the DSP, the sensors are recorded into both volatile SRAM and NOR Flash memory. The OBR matched both weight and center of gravity of the tactical artillery round. To accomplish this, multiple housing materials and potting materials were utilized. The OBR survived multiple shots. The OBR was instrumented successfully on 4 rounds, allowing an accurate model and simulation to be created to increase design reliability and minimize failures on future designs