• Testing the Reliability and Flexibility of Digitizers adapting the RF/IF signals over IP applications using a testbed Platform.

      Gonzalez, Virgilio; Sandoval, Jose Carlos; Elahi, Mirza; Corral, Pabel; Yasuda, Susumu; Univ Texas, Dept Electrical and Computer Engineering; White Sands Missile Range, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2019-10)
      Many disadvantages from physical limitations in RF Telemetry can now be eliminated using RF over IP Networks. Digitizers mitigate the problem of signal degradation that RF has due to physical restrictions and provide reliability and flexibility to the signal. The digitizers are also able to preserve both frequency and timing characteristics, and then accurately reconstructing the original Telemetry signals to enable processing, recording or retransmission at another location. The digitizers along with the software-defined radios forms a flexible testbed platform which enables us to simulate both communication systems to qualify and quantify their behavior, while studying the interference between systems. In addition, quantization of noise is a critical parameter to determine the bit error rate in the testbed. Digitizers can be configured at a certain bandwidth and additional gain, in order to make this layer almost a transparent transmission.